A midwife who will protect your right to create your own birth story.


Home Birth Midwife in Middle Tennessee

If carrying and birthing your baby feels more like a rite of passage than a medical emergency, then we already have something in common. My practice was built on the radical notion that birth works. It is my honor to serve families as they welcome their babies into a safe and peaceful place. Home.


Trauma Informed


LGBTQ+ Affirming


Evidence Based


Consent Practicing



Home Birth

Hearing their first heartbeat, riding the waves of labor, and holding them for the very first time. These are all moments that can be cherished in the safety of your own home. Prenatal, birth, newborn & postpartum care are all available to families living in or around Maury County, TN.



Home Away from
Home Birth

Giving birth on The Farm in Summertown, TN allows for the comforts of a home birth with the conveniences of a birth center. Families from all over the world travel to The Farm to welcome their babies at the home of Spiritual Midwifery.


Sara knew just when to help and just when to give me space to progress on my own.
— Samantha

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